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“It is a pleasure working with ASD Community (Source) interpreting- the staff is friendly, easy to work with, and are extremely talented. Providing ASL interpretation at a variety of museum programs and events can be complicated, but the Source team is flexible and makes the process easy.  We always know the interpretation will be high quality and reliable."

- Rebecca Gavin, Director of Education

Connecticut Historical Society

"ASD Community (Source) Interpreting is always timely and responsive in meeting my office’s requests.  Fantastically talented interpreters – in fact the Director of Music commented after a particularly complex liturgy at the Cathedral of St. Joseph in Hartford that watching the interpreter was to see “poetry in motion”.  My go-to resource for any interpreting needs."

- Deacon Dennis R. Ferguson, Director

Office of the Deaf Apostolate for the Archdiocese of Hartford

"We worked with ASD Community (Source) Interpreting on an unusual project: bringing radio programming to a deaf audience. The experience taught me a lot about the way the hearing and the deaf are on opposite banks of a river and about how ASL can be the bridge, the essential bridge connecting us to our brothers and sisters. I learned also about the way ASL is an art. It's more like painting than like a mechanized feature on our phones. We speak in words but also in colors of sound, emotion and personality. The great interpreters fill in those parts of the canvas."

- Colin McEnroe, Executive Producer and Host

Connecticut Public Radio

"The Connecticut Convention & Sport Bureau used the services of ASD Community (Source) Interpreting to prepare restaurant servers to better interact with the attendees of the NAD conference that was hosted in Hartford.  The training process was informative and interactive giving those who participated a better understanding of the needs of the non-hearing community and the correct way to communicate with them.  The end result was an enjoyable and welcomed experience for the attendees of the NAD Conference."

- Susan Henrique, Director of Business Development & Convention Services

Connecticut Convention Center & Sports Bureau

"For many years, we struggled to find an interpreting service that could provide reliable, quality, on-time services for our deaf employees.  Thankfully, we found ASD Community (Source) Interpreting and they did a fantastic job providing interpreting services for our deaf employees and also providing communication training to our hearing employees.  Thanks to their efforts, we were able to better incorporate our deaf employees into our work culture."

- Jason Billings, Production Division Director

NAVFAC Midlant, Subase New London

"ASD Community (Source) continually provides us with highly-proficient, punctual (and personable!) interpreters. Whether it's an urgent, last-minute request, an event, or an ongoing assignment assisting a student during their school day, the staff at Source make every effort to fulfill the interpreting needs of our students and their parents."

- Karen Mynatt, Pupil Services Department

West Hartford Public Schools

“ASD Community (Source) Interpreting is UConn’s preferred interpreting agency due to their ethical practices, reliability, and open communication. UConn values working with Source and looks forward to continuing collaborations.”

- Audrey Silva, Director

University of Connecticut Interpreting Services, Center for Students with Disabilities

“ASD Community (Source) Interpreting has helped us find an ASL interpreter for one of our annual regional fundraisers in Hartford for the past two years. We love working with Source as they help us find the best interpreter that suits the needs of our event. They were able to retain our preferred interpreter for both years and she is fantastic; very easy to work with and very professional. We look forward to working Source and their interpreters for years to come!”

- Chris Rainville, Manager of Corporate Partnerships and Events

GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD)

“It’s been awesome working with ASD Community (Source) Interpreting. They are always responsive and provide us with wonderful interpreters and excellent customer service.”

- Ayesha Jayetileke, Human Resources Generalist

Walgreens Distribution Center

“Working with ASD Community (Source) Interpreting is always a pleasure.  Response time to requests is very quick, accommodations are handled easily and efficiently, and the caliber of the interpreters is of very high quality.  The additional challenge of interpreting poetry for a mixed audience has been met with great talent and professionalism. I couldn't have asked for a more positive experience for my students.”

- Anna Andrews, Coordinator

American School for the Deaf & Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts

Poetry Collaboration Program

“I've been working with ASD Community (Source) Interpreting for a couple of years now, as an independent Arabic Linguist, and it's been an absolute pleasure! Source has been nothing short of professional, kind, responsive, engaging, as well as detailed.”

- Khaldoun Chmait, Arabic Linguist

“Working as a Spanish interpreter with ASD Community (Source) Interpreting at the American School for the Deaf is an honor for me. It’s a great place to work and I appreciate the opportunity to be part of a great team.”

- Claudia Ale, Spanish Interpreter

"It is both an honor and a pleasure to interpret at the American School for the Deaf, through ASD Community (Source) Interpreting. Working for ASD Community (Source) Interpreting has allowed me to maintain a flexible schedule that fits my busy lifestyle of being a traveler and a grandmother! They are very cognizant in how important it is to match client and interpreter to make sure accessible needs are met."

- Marie L., ASL Interpreter

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